Many customers have contacted Dial a Handyman over many property maintenance issues -However one problem that has become more prevalent over the last few years is that of condensation.

This can cause numerous problems over the winter months and if left unresolved,it can lead to damp and black mould growth on walls and furniture.

On average a family of 4 produce 16 pints of moisture every day.

Customers and tenants will call saying a property is showing signs of damp when in fact it is often condensation which may be caused by the way you are living.
High temperature central heating and permanently closed doors and windows,non use of extractors and the blocking up of draughty vents actually cause condensation.

  • Here are some handy tips to help minimise condensation;
  • Extractor fans should be checked and working
  • Most modern windows are fitted with vents using them can minimise condensation
  • Extractor fans should be used at all times when cooking or bathing
  • Clothes should never be dried over the radiator
  • Open windows for 15 minutes after showering and cooking

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