Treat a new Driveway or Patio as if it were a new expensive carpet…

You wouldn’t think about not hoovering it or cleaning it if you spilt a drink!

Driveways and Patios can last for years with the correct cleaning and maintenance. A light brush over once every 8 – 10 weeks to remove any debris or moss will prolong the life and save you money in the future!…

Important Tips About Cleaning & Sealing…


When installed correctly Pattern Imprinted Concrete can prove to be a fabulous addition to any home, it can provide longevity and reliability over many years. However as with all exterior surfaces it does need an element of specialist maintenance. No matter who installed a PIC driveway it is important to understand that it will require re-sealing every 2- 4 years dependant upon the wear and tear it deals with.

Many homeowners don’t realise that many of the general sealants you can buy from your local DIY store, will not help your concrete. In fact they often can totally change the appearance and have irreversible damaging effects. The chemicals within these sealants can often prove extremely difficult to remove (when they can be removed) and is an expensive process. Please bare this in mind, the next time you get a knock at the door by someone who says they will seal your driveway, at a cheap price because they are in the area!

Generally these one man bands looking to earn some extra pocket money, have no experience or training in this area and will offer inferior sealants, or worse still apply the wrong sealant. That driveway you spent so much money on, could… dare we say it…. be a waste of money through the negligence of the wrong application of sealant. In summary, if a sealant is to be used on any paving, it’s well worth spending a that bit more and getting a quality product, rather than trying to do it on the cheap and then being clobbered with re-application costs in the none-too-distant future.

Block Paving and loss of sand

Annually, some people may attempt to clean the areas from weed and algae growth using a house hold power washer. In this case we stress on the importance of replacing and brushing back in the correct amount of a fine kiln dried silca sand, without this component over time your driveway will suffer.


All concrete products may, in their early life, appear to lose some intensity of colour and experience a milky-white stain on the face of the product. This is efflorescence staining. It is a temporary phenomenon and is in no way detrimental to the performance of the material. Clay products may also suffer from a temporary white stain called efflorescence. This is quite different from efflorescence in concrete products and is caused by soluble salts within the clay being transported by water to the surface as they dry out.


Paving materials require periodic cleaning to maintain their appearance. Regular sweeping to prevent the build-up of detritus is recommended. Light coloured blocks, whilst structurally sound for driveway use, do emphasise tyre marks and oil spills on the driveway. It must be accepted that these products will need more maintenance if the overall appearance is to be maintained.

Proprietary cleaning agents are widely available and details of which are always given upon completing of any new drive or patio. Care should be taken when buying cleaning agents as some varieties contain a concentration of acid, which can adversely affect the appearance of concrete products, clay and natural stone. In certain circumstances, prolonged contact with wet leaves can result in staining of the paved area. Such contact should be avoided wherever practical.

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